Juice Willis, a cameraman from “12 Years a Slave”:

[I love] witnessing an actor’s process on set. Seeing how they get in and out of character fascinates me. They’re like real life action figures. However Benedict Cumberbatch’s intensity was damn near unmatched whether shooting or not at Ford’s plantation. It was like 1:00 AM on a Saturday and we had been there for over 13 hours… in a fucking marsh, I’m talking insects the size of GI Joe’s, bats in trees, just horrible conditions for the crew. Steve and Benedict were inside of the mansion blocking the scene directly after Benedict cuts Chiwetel down. We’re all waiting on the porch ready to shoot and get the fuck out of there. Now normally while a scene is being blocked everyone must be silent. But since we were outside and tired, most of us chatted just to keep from falling asleep. 

In the midst of our talking, Benedict kicks the fucking front door open. Everyone immediately shuts the fuck up. We’re thinking he’s upset cause we weren’t respectful to the process, you know, kinda like Christian Bale esque, (mind you he’s holding a huge shotgun) however due was still in character. He’s standing on the front porch slowly staring out into the night, looking over the 75 member crew, then creeps back into the mansion closing the doors. Lol we were shook! Or at least I was. Here I was whining ready to go the fuck home and and Benedict comes out looking ready to kill with the most immaculate hair lol

Just goes to show how professional and talented the guy is. To hold that level of concentration for that long is impressive.

Yeah believe the hype, he has a palpable presence on set. (x)


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